Friday, January 6, 2012

A high view of marriage, and a high view of the presidency

Transparency in marriage is a necessary qualification for a candidate seeking to be president of the United States. That was the message of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who stepped down confessing he made financial gifts to a needy female business associate without telling his wife.

Mr. Cain flatly denies having a physical relationship outside of his marriage.

Accepting that Mr. Cain told the truth, I am left with the conviction that his withdrawal from the presidential race testifies of a high view of marriage, and a high view of the presidency. A husband and wife who are transparent with one another represent a stronger and more trustworthy team in the Whitehouse. 

There is a biblical parallel for the standard Mr. Cain - a deacon - seems to be applying to himself as a presidential candidate: that an overseer or deacon must be “above reproach.” (1 Timothy 3) Also, that overseers and deacons must keep their family lives in order.

If I remember nothing else from this presidential campaign, I will remember that one candidate made himself accountable and accepted the consequences.

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