Saturday, April 19, 2014

That Sabbath Morning

It was Sabbath morning. The young man woke up and rolled over to look at his older brother who was sitting up, already awake. I feel bad, said the young man, I feel bad about what we did yesterday.

What do you mean? said the brother.

I mean following that crowd and shouting crucify him at that man. I was mad when he claimed to be Messiah and wasnt. I wanted to show how I felt. But the Roman soldiers beat him bloody and then made him carry that cross. He was a stumbling mess! Today I'm not angry anymore; I feel like I did something very wrong. The man probably was just crazy, and I should not have shouted for the Romans to kill him.

Well, said the older  brother with a laugh, he said he would rise again in three days. If he does that, you can go ask him to forgive you.

If he does what he said, I will, replied the young man. I surely will ask him to forgive me.