Friday, October 18, 2019

Political strife, a barrier to communication of truth ...

Christians, of all people, ought to appreciate that engaging in political strife creates a barrier to communication. 

Especially to communicating the good news about Jesus Christ. 

If we want anyone to consider the truth about Jesus, we must express all things we believe to be true in his spirit; not like gladiators. 

If our belief in Christ is true, we will conduct ourselves in politics in the spirit he displayed. 

“Strife” has been described as, “bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension.” “Discussion”, on the other hand, has been called, “consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate.” 

I believe Christians must as citizens participate in earnest conversation and advocacy about important questions; but not engage in strife. Of course an earnest discussion can trend toward strife, but a godly spirit can restrain the trend. 

May I myself heed this caution: Earnest conversation and advocacy can lead toward truth and understanding. No one knows where unrestrained strife or conflict leads.


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