Saturday, December 23, 2017

White Lines

Until yesterday I never thought of offering a prayer of thanks for the people who paint white lines on the shoulders of roads.

I was driving on a two lane rural road in the early morning darkness and the headlights of an oncoming vehicle blinded me. But there it was, the trusty white line on the shoulder, pointing me to safety and nudging me away from the roadside woods. For the first time in my life I thought to bless the painters who kept me on the road. And I did so.

I have a question for you. Who are really more important: billionaires, kings and queens, celebrity entertainers, presidents, or the people who paint white lines on the shoulders of roads?

Perhaps even more important are the people who paint the double yellow center lines that shepherd us away from head on collisions. Thank you Lord for them!

Often I am blind to important things and dazzled by trivial ones. At Christmas I become immersed in the preparations, the gifts, the people with whom I celebrate, the food and drink, the clean up. The lighted decorations dazzle me, and sometimes sadness and loss blind me. Why do I not turn my eyes more purposefully to the Eternal Father who gives life and breath and forgiveness and express thanks to the One who is leading me safely where I need to go? Who also is leading many others whom I love.

God sent His Son Jesus into a troubled world to open the door to eternal life to all who will come. God helping me, that is where my eyes will focus before, during and after Christmas.

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