Thursday, March 23, 2017

To cause to explode ...

To cause to explode ...
March 22, 2017

The word fulminate may mean, variously: to issue a thunderous verbal attack or denunciation, to explode or detonate, to cause to explode.

Which of these results do the political fulminators of today desire? Perhaps all of them? But let's think. What can happen in an explosion?

"ROCKVILLE, Md. — A house in a Maryland suburb of the nation’s capital was leveled early Friday by a thunderous explosion heard for miles around, a blast so powerful it shattered windows and caused other damage to several neighboring homes, authorities said ... It’s just a pile of debris; it’s just a pile of bricks. There’s not anything left of the house,” said Pete Piringer, chief spokesman for Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service."
The explosion affected not only the home, but distant neighbors. "I’ve heard there were calls from miles away, people calling," said the fire department spokesman according to radio station CBS DC 106.7

Is this what we want for America? Surely Christians should not! Yet I find myself fulminating against political leaders and fellow citizens all too often. The separation between my convictions and my mouth can be galactic. This must stop.

The time has come for people like me to model the self discipline Christ commanded, and let our neighbors see a people headed out of the smoke and flame to kindness and sanity.

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  1. I was dismayed to see the "fulminations" of a few Senators, and other Representatives over the most nominee for USSC.

    What on earth did they hope to accomplish with their willful ignorance of how a judicial nominee should answer questions -- See Ruth Bader Ginsberg's hearings -- OR their hubris in lecturing a judge who has served on an applet court for ten years?