Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu's reasonable alternative . . .

Barbara has highlighted salient parts of PM Netanyahu's report and warning to Congress about Iran and the certainty of nuclear weapons proliferation if a flabby nuclear deal is made with them. http://www.autumngarden-bwsmith.blogspot.com/ I remember the Cuban missile crisis and how terrifying it was to live in Dallas and witness Soviet threats and see in the local newspaper that my home was well within the range of nuclear missiles based on that island. I don't want that for our children and grandchildren. In Iran we may be looking at a power less tractable and more prone to suicidal behavior than the Soviet Union. Wake up America and encourage our elected leaders to begin living in the real world, outside the cocoon of domestic politics and power grabbing schemes. They must make no deal that would ever concede to Iran the right to make nuclear weapons while they remain outspoken in their hatred of the United States and Israel. Mr. Netanyahu offered a reasonable alternative to the present deal: tell Iran to stop its aggression in the region and stop threatening destruction of other nations; then we'll talk about developing nuclear weapons.

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