Sunday, September 14, 2014

A reunion

The newly reunited couple stood in the small clearing among the trees chatting with a group of men and women their same age. A small stream ran through the clearing, and if you stood by the water and looked up stream you could see in the distance a much larger tree which spanned both sides of the river that fed this brook.

The couple was still lost in the excitement of being together again, and did not immediately notice the young man who emerged from the trees and came in their direction. When they saw him they stifled the impulse to bow down. However, they remembered their instructions and simply stood and waited expectantly as he approached

"I know I welcomed you individually when you came," he said, "but I've been saving something to say to you together when you had both arrived. When I found you together."

"Thank you. What's that elder brother?" the man replied.

"Let me repeat what your brother Paul already said to you. He was quite right, but I want to say it myself."

"Please." the couple responded.

"You have fought the good fight... you have finished the race... you have kept the faith.
You will receive the crown of glory I promised," the young man declared in a loud voice that brought cheers and applause from those standing by.

He extended a scarred right hand. "Enter into the joy of your Master! Also, remember this: there is more and better coming."

The couple thanked him with tears of joy, and as he walked away they returned to the embraces of their excited brothers and sisters.

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